The TreeHouse

A tree house. Do you have one? Did you have one? Do you want one? Didn’t you used to want one? A fort or a playhouse or a tarp draped over part of a swing set would have worked, but a tree house is the pinnacle of kid-dom. Because there’s something intrinsically important to a kid, to everyone really, about having a space of one’s own. A little corner of the world that belongs to you. Your parents, your siblings, your friends they were only there if YOU wanted them to be there. It’s “Invitation only.” There are things you can say in your tree house, there are personas you can try on in your tree house, you can be anything in a tree house, even just yourself. You can relax, connect, imagine, assess and create in the kind of security that this sacred space of childhood gives you. So now we can all get into The TreeHouse. Who will you be?

Meet the Ringleader

Our classes at The TreeHouse are taught by Mackensie Pelicano. Originally from the upstate, Mackensie went to college in Chicago where she also attended classes at The Second City, Improvisation Comedy Troupe . She also dipped her toe in the stand-up comedy pool, before moving to NYC. Since coming back to SC, she’s had more back-stage and educational opportunities than she could have imagined while serving as the resident Stage Manager for FIRE Theatre Company and being on the faculty of The Arts Academy at Younts Center for 5 years. Her on-stage credits include Steel Magnolias, Barefoot in the Park, and It’s a Wonderful Life. Married to her long-time squeeze, mother of twin daughters and founder of The TreeHouse, Mackensie is always finding new ways to share her love of laughter with others.


The TreeHouse is located inside the Simpsonville Fine Arts Center, 110 Academy Street, Simpsonville, SC 29681. On street parking is available out front and an additional lot can be accessed on Park Drive, behind the building.

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